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Code 3 Fitness &

Jividen Barbell

Whether you need fitness coaching, nutrition consultation, powerlifting, or behavioral support, we're in your corner!

Strong Woman


Gym & Fitness Liability Waiver
Do you have a doctor’s permit to participate in intense physical activities?

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Find your FOCUS!!

At Code 3 we do not have TVs on the wall.  We do not have shiny machines cluttering up the area.  We do not have an alarm going off when you hit a PR!

At Code 3 Fitness you will find an atmosphere needed to crush your goals! Music that will push you to do another rep, to take away all the distractions from the day, and to help you heal from the BS of the workday! You will find the equipment that's been hand picked to produce results! You will find experts in bodybuilding and powerlifting! You will find others like you seeking to become better! You will find a fitness family that will be supportive no matter what you are training for. We are a no nonsense, 100% judgement free training center that will help you become better!

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