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"Code 3" in the first responder world means "proceed with lights and sirens".  In other words, whatever is happening is urgent and requires a rapid response.

Our philosophy is that your health and wellness are urgent, and, like most people, you probably want to see results as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, "fad diets" are just that - a fad!  "Fad" is defined as "an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without objective basis".  Basically, they offer a temporary solution to a lifelong concern.  Does that sound like what you're looking for?  Probably not!  Additionally, a lot of fad diets involve pre-packaged or even frozen food, many of which actually eliminate important and necessary nutrients, and don't teach you anything about nutrition or meal planning.


At Code 3 Health & Fitness, we're passionate about helping you get the results you want in a healthy way AND learn how to maintain the gains you make to ensure lasting results.  Maybe you're new to the game and aren't sure where to start, maybe you've been trying to get healthy for a while but feel like nothing has worked, or maybe you're a seasoned pro just looking for some extra support and motivation - either way, we want to help! 


We provide holistic support focusing on the physical AND psychological aspects of wellness.  Whether you need fitness coaching, powerlifting coaching, nutrition consultation, or behavioral support, we're in your corner!




Allen is the owner/CEO of Code 3.  He has spent the majority of his life in various first responder roles, including volunteer firefighting, EMS, and corrections.  He is also an experienced power-lifter.


"Code 3 has allowed me to combine two things I'm passionate about - helping people, and fitness."




Canyon is the COO and co-founder of Code 3.  He is currently in college pursuing studies in business and nutrition.


"Don't stop when you're tired - stop when you're DONE."



Kari is the Psychology Consultant for Code 3.  As a licensed therapist, she provides consultation regarding the psychological/behavioral aspects of health and wellness.  She is also a certified EMT.


"The most important project you'll ever work on is YOU.  I want to help you master that project."



Austin W.

Code 3 Customer

“I prefer Code 3 Critical Whey over any other supplements out there due to the great taste and the way it completely dissolves.  It has all the essential ingredients without any extra filler.  Code 3 is doing everything just right!”

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